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Mid-Summer Fishing

DSCF0249Hi Folks – We are in mid-summer and fishing has remained pretty good overall. Fish have been active despite the cold fronts that have been battering the area.

With walleye, we have been finding them in fairly shallow weeds, 5 to 13 feet depending on water clarity. When cold fronts hit they will move into 11 to 14 foot timber. Walleyes have been primarily on a crawler bite now, but some activity will happen on leeches also. Tip either a jig or plain hook with a sinker with the crawler and good things will happen.

Musky fishing has had its ups and downs lately. The best fishing has been taking place when there are a lot of unstable fronts moving through. These seem to aggravate the muskies. Plan on a struggle during those bluebird stretches. Our best luck has been on the deep weeds and windswept points that have some structure around. Surface lures have been producing some action, especially early in the morning. The staple producer though has been big double-bladed bucktails.
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