Fishing is Moving Along

Hi Folks.  We finished the second week of the season and we’re moving along slowly with our bites.  While we haven’t seen anything “special” we’ve seen solid fishing and we’ve been able to put together nice catches every day.  Most days are producing 4 or 5 species of fish as everything is heading into the weeds now.  We’ve targeted walleyes and been catching plenty of them along with muskies, northerns, largemouth bass, perch and some crappies.  Most days are multi-species.  The biggest problem we’re facing are these massive cold fronts that keep hitting us.  They have snow in the forecast again the next couple of nights.  These fronts are holding back weed growth which we really need to trigger some awesome bites.  Jig-and-minnow combinations are working the best and we’ve been concentrating on water depths ranging from five to twelve feet.  Timber is also becoming an attractant and both of these bites should get better as we get warmer.  Water temps have plummeted down to the mid 50’s and hopefully they won’t go much lower. Looking at the extended forecasts it looks like the week after Memorial Day we turn the corner and warmer temps arrive. We’re still keeping our presentation slow and giving the fish about 10 seconds once they hit.  Look for these fish to be scattered in these weed beds and look for them to be scattered and then just be patient and work around slowly and dig them out of the weeds.

I filmed a show with John Gillespie which should air this weekend.  Be sure to catch it and you’ll get an idea of what’s happening up here.

Some good lakes to try this weekend would be Big Lake, west of Boulder, and Big St. Germain.

Well that’s all for now —-



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