Mayfly Hatch is Starting

Hi Folks

Since my last fishing update it has rained, rained, and rained some more! Through all that rain fishing remained fairly solid. Fish moved into weeds and were feeding aggressively.  Weed Growth has gotten much better as of late, although still behind on some waters. We found walleyes hiding in lily pads in the middle of the day because that was the available weed.  Jig and minnow combos were working the best but now crawlers have come into play.  I’ve been taking a variety of bait with me. It seems chubs work best in the mornings then fish seem to switch to fatheads and then to crawlers as the day warms up. I’ve also been jigging fairly aggressively but still backing off hook sets for a bit once a hit happens. Weather once again has become a major player as a big cold front moved into the area dropping temps down to 33 degrees the other night. This resulted in a 5 degree drop in surface temp. Calm water and sun yesterday rocketed surface temps up 9 degrees. Needless to say fishing was very tough. To make things even more interesting the Mayfly hatch is starting or is going on waters throughout the area. This is earlier than normal.  If you run into these there are a few tricks you can try, some waters have piece-meal hatches, use your graph in sonar mode to search out where they are coming up and fish these spots. You can also try using a slip bobber tipped with a crawler head. I have used this successfully at times. Now it looks like we are going into furnace mode for a bit as the weather is supposed to get hot and humid. Looks like a bumpy road ahead but I won’t surrender to these fish. This is WAR!!! I will win in the end. Until next time have fun and successful fishing.


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