Wallleyes have gone Deep

Well we finished the 2nd week of the fishing season. As good as week 1 was, is as bad as week 2 has been. Last weekend’s cold front left us with a 9 degree drop in water temps and pushed most fish out to deep water and put them in a neutral pattern. Now we gave gained 15 degrees with warm temps and flat water. To make matters worse we also had to battle a full moon. We have been able to catch a fish fry each day but it requires a lot of hard fishing and it wasn’t always pretty. There have been sporadic bites reported as crappies race in to spawn on small lakes and bass have been moving up also. Walleyes seemed to have gone deep, on the flowages the fish we are finding are scattered in deep wood. It’s a slow process to dig them out as you pick up one here and one there. We always managed to find some.

Jig and minnow combos are still working, but leeches and even some crawlers are coming into play now. Even northerns have been tough during this stretch. I’m hoping that the unstable weather moving in will shake things up this week. One thing is for sure — when they start I will be there! Till then we will continue to battle. Always keep in mind that you can’t have a bad day of fishing; it’s just some days are better than others.  Keep a tight line. Jeff

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